They Say It’s Your Birthday…….

Yesterday was Matt’s birthday and he had reserved a room over at a local restaurant/bar called the Brick House. I had not been there before and wonder where the name came from…until I walked in. Anyone familiar with the Commodores song from the 70’s will get where I am going with this. All the wait staff are younger ladies with lots of skin showing similar to Hooters but more denim and midriff exposed.

Anyway the reason for this post is because I crushed a common misconception about attracting women. I always remembered that if you had a cute puppy with you, that was a sure fire conversation starter with the ladies (theory proven a few times in college).

Last night I found out that all you need is cake. We had a giant sheet cake from Sam’s Club for the 15 or so friends in attendance. If you have never tried bakery items from Sam’s, they are very tasty and relatively inexpensive. Even with that about of people we only put a small dent in the total cake volume, so Matt extended a cake invite to our server and anyone else who wanted to partake. Within 5 minutes we have most of the female staff in our room sampling the chocolaty goodness off our fancy dinosaur paper plates. It was quite a site with all our new friends pull up a chair to join the party.

I had to laugh at the swiftness of response and in this case….the cake is not a lie.

005 My Gift To Matt