In Flight Drinks

What is your policy on airplane size bottles of booze? I will occasionally put one in my 3-3-1 bag (TSA approved) and when I get to the airport I buy a diet coke a pour the whiskey in. It makes for a nice in flight drink.

Is that taking away revenue from the airline, perhaps, but $6.00 for a 1/4 can of coke and a shot of whiskey? At least in a bar there is some atmosphere, a comfortable chair and other people to interact with.

I find it very difficult to get most people into a conversation on a plane. Although I am sometimes guilty of napping, especially on the 6am flights, I at least try to start a conversation by asking the simple open ended question ‘ Are you going away or coming back?’. That opens it up for talking about trip plans, where they are from, where they are going etc.

I have found it easier to get men to talk and maybe that is because we like to talk about ourselves, or maybe I am just too scary for the women to feel comfortable talking to a stranger.

At any rate, I will keep at it as these are lots of interesting people out there that I have yet to meet.