Mile Marker


Mileage 3.5
Time 4PM
Location Indoors – Treadmill
Weather Raining


Had a busy client day today but I wanted to get a few miles in before the Bulls game tonight. A good friend of mine has season tickets thru his place of work and he was unable to attend tonight’s game so he offered them to me. I plan on taking my wife and parents as this will be Lories first Bulls game and a first in many years for my parents.

Bulls Seats

I went to a game last year with my son and his friends in almost the  same seats so I am looking forward to the view. The seats are located in the first row of section 239 in the club level. These are the seats you see just above the first row of suites at the United Center and they are right on the glass so there are no bodies in front of us. The club level offers a waiter as well so you can order your food and drinks right from the seats and never have to leave, except for the bathroom.

We prefer to get up and walk around a bit as there is so much to see on the first level at the United Center. Dad is still recovering from back surgery so we only did a little stroll but we saw a few live bands and lots of interesting fans (6 inch spiked heals at a ball game, really?)