How Did You Spend Your Saturday?

Homewood ThriftStore 

My son had the weekend off which is very unusual for him. He had been wanting to take me to his favorite thrift store in Homewood so this was a perfect opportunity to do so. We usually go to the Salvation Army store in Downers Grove, but according to Matt, this particular store is about twice as big and has a much better men’s selection. He was looking for a few dress shirts for work and was able to find some nice ones here before.

After only 45 minutes we had three nice dress shirts for him, a Boston Red Sox shirt for my collection, an Angels jersey for his collection, a Princeton baseball cap for me (one of my favorite colleges), two college mugs for a friends collection and finally, a college accounting textbook for his summer school class (that was an unusual find). Once we rung it all up the total cost was under $20. That is less than normal cost of one of the Polo dress shirts we had found. A pretty good day of bargain hunting.

When is the last time you shopped at a thrift store? Have you ever been in one? Which one is your favorite and why?