Downers Grove Farmers Market 2010

Farmers Market1

I visited our local farmers market this morning and noticed it has grown to twice the size of last year. Although there are twice as many booths as last year there are not twice as many produce/farmers booths. It seems the village is allowing more and more non produce booths to be licensed alongside the produce, flowers and baked goods every Saturday.

Farmers Market2

Today I saw made to order crepes, purses, knife sharpening, a for rent portable barbecue/TV cart, ‘natural’ soft drinks, jewelry and children’s clothing. I don’t know if the village can’t get more types of produce vendors or if they are just trying to diversify, but I am tired of seeing crappy purse vendors at every event I go to. Even my daughters weekend volleyball tournaments have purse booths every weekend. There are plenty of places to buy purses other than the Saturday morning market. I hope this trend dos not continue and we return to what the farmers market should be, a market for farm fresh goods.