Mile Marker

Mileage 3.0
Time 2:00 PM
Location Outdoors
Weather Rain

I actually got a decent amount of sleep last night thanks to a few Nyquil gel caps. I have not been getting much sleep and it makes it very difficult to to get my runs in when I feel so sluggish.
So even though it was pouring rain, I wanted to take advantage of the energy and get at least a few miles in.

Today was pretty busy client day so I only had about 40 minutes to spare for the run and post shower before I had to get back to work. That was enough time for a run to the park, two laps around the park and the run back. My time was ok with an average of 8:41 per mile. Not the best but it was positive enough to fell that I am getting back on track.

I head to Columbus tomorrow and look forward to getting in a few runs with my cousin while I am there.