Men’s Warehouse 2 for 1

Mileage 7 Miles
Time 6:40PM
Location Indoors – Treadmill
Weather Cool and Rainy


I continue my quest for miles with a solid 7 put in tonight. I had planned on running at the lake with my sister in law but she was on a different schedule and I was not quite awake when she wanted to run this morning. I ended up coming home to pay for a few suits that my son had ordered for me as I thought I could do it on Monday, but he was not working on Labor Day. Men’s Warehouse had a great sale going on where you can buy one suit and get the second suit free so I thought is was a good chance to refresh my wardrobe and get him a little commission at the same time.

I left the lake at about 1PM and took the long way home through Kenosha, WI so I could stop at the outlet stores up there off  I-94. Big mistake. I have never seen it so busy in and around that set of stores, but being labor day, everyone was out for a sale. I had to park a good distance from the normal lot, and park on the grass. I was only there to hit the Ralph Lauren stop for one of my favorite white dress shirts, so I got in and out as quick as possible and back on the road.

Normally it is not a good deal at the outlet stores, but today was 30% off the sale prices at Polo so it made the cost of the shirt ALMOST as low as Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. The problem is, it is hard to fine the fine cotton versions of those shirts at Mashalls or TJ Maxx. They usually carry the broadcloth version of the shirt which does not look as good with a suit. I ended up paying $6.00 more for the shirt at the Polo outlet, but at least I now have one. I will keep my eye out at the local discount stores for more in the future as I like to buy a few copies when I find something I like. I have made the mistake in the past of not doing that and then end up not being able to find the item again. I have a favorite pair of tennis Nike tennis shorts and a favorite 3/4 zip Fila sweat shirt that are so tattered that I look like I don’t have a penny to my name. That is next year when both the kids are in college.