Christmas in AZ…Again

It has been 3 years since we lived in Arizona and had spent a Christmas in the 48th state. With the current Covid climate and the dogs to care for, it made sense to do a road trip instead of thinking about getting on a plane this year. Sice I can work from anywhere, we decided to do two weeks in Arizona, instead of a short trip, visiting the kids and their SOs.

Speaking of SOs, Matt announced that he and Meghan got engaged on December 5th while they were in Seattle looking at neighborhoods. Why were they looking at neighborhoods? Matt was able to secure a new position within Microsoft that he was hoping for and would eventually require/allow him to work in the Redmond mothership. He is now officially the Learning and Development Manager which allows him to design programs to train and guide the professional development of Microsofts global employees. Very exciting next step in his career.

So in the coming months, we may have him back living with us again, as we anticipate the sale of their townhouse in Mesa to go very quickly, leaving them with a transition period before moving to the Seattle area. Would be a nice change of pace for us.