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Home Team Charity Run 2012 Race Report

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: April 23, 2012

I ran the home team charity run again this year with my sister in law Mary, a fun little race that benefits the Blackhawks, Bulls and White Sox charities. Last your was the inaugural event and the 10K course took us from the United Center down to the south side for a finish in the […]

Way Up In The Bleachers

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: May 11, 2010

Matt and I went to the Cubs game tonight and sat as far away from the field as you can get while still being in the ballpark. Only the rooftop seats on the buildings outside the park are farther away. Matt had purchased the tickets from a youth group who was raising money so even […]

Lets’ Go White Sox

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: April 10, 2010

Our first Sox game of the season was a bit of a disappointment. It was a chilly 46 degrees for most of the 11 innings that it took to loose to the Twins and the Sox had 2 errors and almost non existent bats. There were two highlights of the night, one coming from each […]

First 2010 SOX Game

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: April 9, 2010

Tonight is our first sox game of 2010. I have been lucky enough to share some fantastic seats with a few other guys for the past 7 years. We have the first two seats located right behind the scout seats which are directly behind home plate. Ours are off set just a bit so we […]