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ASICS Junior National Volleyball Championship 2010 Part 2

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: June 13, 2010

 I washed away my disappointment form this mornings race and headed down to Navy Pier for the final day of the tournament. After yesterdays stellar performance, Jenna’s team ended up in the gold pool in the top 5 teams of her age group, so even if they loose the first match and must go home, […]

13.1 Chicago Half Marathon

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: June 13, 2010

Today I ran the 13.1 Chicago Half Marathon and had my first DNF. This will be a short post as I am embarrassed by my performance and the fact that my right knee gave out at mile 7 to cause my withdrawal. Up to that point I was running at a pretty good pace average […]

ASICS Junior National Volleyball Championship 2010

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: June 12, 2010

  This weekend Navy Pier in Chicago is hosting the ASICS Junior National Volleyball Championship, June 11 – June 13. My daughter plays for Illinois Performance Volleyball and they are competing in the U17 (under 17 years old) division at the tournament.  Unfortunately, my trip to Columbus this week will caused me to miss the […]

Northern Lights Qualifier – Day 3

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: April 25, 2010

The girls less than optimal finish yesterday put them in the ‘B’ flight for today’s single elimination play, but their overall finish for the first two days was good enough to earn them a bye for the first round. Their first game did not start until 11am so the girls did not have to be […]

Northern Lights Qualifier – Day 2

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: April 24, 2010

Pool play started at 8am but due to a miscommunication I arrived for a 9am start, so I missed the first match which they unfortunately lost to a local team from Minnesota. The first match was against the third seed in the whole tournament so the girls knew it would be a tough match. According […]

Northern Lights Qualifier – Day 1

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: April 23, 2010

The girls don’t start pool play till 3PM today so Jen and I started off with a nice walk around Minneapolis. The weather was a beautiful 58 and sunny just perfect for a nice stroll around the city. I get up here quite a bit on business so I was able to navigate around and […]

Northern Lights Qualifier

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: April 22, 2010

This weekend my daughter is participating in the 2010 Northern Lights volleyball qualifier in Minneapolis. We decided that instead of doing the normal flying thing, we would make a road trip out of it. Flying is of course more expensive but not only that, it is too quick. To quick you say? Yes too quick. […]

Volleyball Is Back In Session

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: February 21, 2010

After taking a few weeks off from tournament play, the girls are back doing pool play this weekend. Unfortunately, their lack of tournament play or at least playing together as a team is showing. They have been accustomed to always finishing the day as one of the top three teams but yesterday they finished 7th […]

Volleyball…Lots and Lots of Volleyball

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: January 24, 2010

The club season is in full swing already and pretty much every Saturday brings with it pool play. In Jenna’s case they call it Power League. Sounds bad ass like they should have their own hall of justice and secret decoder rings to unite their bump, set and spike powers. In reality it is a […]