WLTL Alumni Show Today

Today is the day I do my ‘alumni’ show on WLTL and I’ll be hosting this afternoon from 2 to 4 pm. I will be brining along two second generation broadcasters to keep me company. My son Matt was on the radio station at Downers Grove South during the 2008 school year and my daughter Jenna was on during the 2009 school year. We will be playing some alternative Christmas music, talking about their radio experiences and maybe take a trip back to 1979.

Tune in to 88.1 FM if you in the LaGrange area or you can stream the show from http://www.wltl.net/rock/index.php and click ‘listen live’.


Update: I had a great time hosting the show with Matt and Jenna. The station was quite a bit larger than I remember as they took over what used to be the video studios on the lower south east corner of the north campus building (Brainerd and Elm). The old classroom where we learned the finer points of broadcasting was still there and you still step down into the entrance to the studio but instead of WLTL Studiomaking an immediate left into the news room/PSA prep area and then into the actual DJ area, you step down and keep going straight where the room opens up into basically a living room/green room complete with couches a TV and some computer workstations. Along the left wall (the Brainerd side) there are now three studios: a smaller prep recording studio, the main large broadcasting studio and then another smaller prep studio. The main broadcasting studio is about three times the size of our original studio we had in ‘79 and the only remnants of that era that I could see was two rows of record albums stacked on shelves against one of the walls.

They have the top wall section of the ‘green room’ nicely decorated all the way around with many of our old school record album covers in individual frames. Each album is numbered with what I would guess is the code to find the songs on the mp3 digital system. It is nice that they kept a touch of the past in this new very impressive area.

Thanks to the WLTL staff and advisors for letting me be a part of this years alumni week. I look forward to participating again next year and hope to get a few of my classmates to do it with me. 

Awesome Christmas Decorations

We were done at Purdue a few weekends ago to see the Boiler Women’s volleyball team compete in the NCAA Tournament (they beat Kentucky on Friday and Louisville on Saturday). My wife an I both went to Purdue so we like to walk around campus whenever we are down there and this time was no exception.She was in the AZD house which is not very far from where the matches were played, so we decided to walk by there after the game.

To our surprise, we came upon a nicely decorated house two door down from her sorority, but what really caught our eye was the house between the two. If you look closely at the photo below, just below the re added that I added in, you will see the word ‘DITTO’ and an arrow in lights pointing to the house with all the decorations.



I guess they thought instead of putting the time in to decorate, they would just let the neighbors do it and say they feel the same way. Made me laugh.