Disney Half Marathon 2011 Cinderella’s Castle

New this year at the Disney Marathon weekend was video capture for the runners. I the past they have always done photographers all along the course taking thousands of picture of the race participants. After the race you receive a link to a website where you can view all your photos for the event. If you don’t wear you number on the front of your shirt it is very unlikely that you will see any of yourself as that is how they identify you among all the other runners. They use recognition software that looks through each photo for you number they flags the photo as one of yours. It is pretty accurate and I only received about 5 photos this year where the number was close to mine (an 8 looked like my 9 on the bib) but it was not me.

This year they added some short videos at the Cinderella Castle (like the one above) and at the finish line. They used similar software to recognize my number at send me a link notifying me that I was captured. The photos and video are not free but you can purchase a package that gives you all your photos and videos in a digital download for one price, and it works out pretty well if you were captured quite a bit on the course.

I posted this one to give you and idea of the atmosphere of the event. This is at about 6:45 in the morning at mile 6.25 just as we exit the castle. I appear at the very beginning on the far right but only for 3 seconds. We had entered the Magic Kingdom just behind Space Mountain then came to the front of Main Street by the Flag Pole. We ran down main street, took a right into Tomorrow land, ran thru Fantasy land, through the castle, into Frontier land then exited the Magic Kingdom between Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.

If you are thinking about running a half or a full, this is a great place to do it with all the energy and excitement. Highly recommended.

Mile Marker

Mileage 5 Miles
Time 7:00PM
Location Indoors – Treadmill
Weather Warm and Sunny

I am definitely getting back in the groove again with my training for the Disney Half Marathon in January. I am slowly increasing my mileage as I should, instead of pushing it like I did last year. My schedule training plan starts in October so right now I am just concentrating on increasing my miles in general. I will concentrate on speed and mental capacity when I start the program in October.