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Disney Marathon Weekend 2011 Day 6

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: January 12, 2011

Today is the saddest day of all and a very hard day for me. I find it difficult to be in Disney World and not go into the parks even if we just go in to people watch and take in the atmosphere. Matt and I decided not to burn a full days pass since […]

Disney Marathon Weekend 2011 Day 3

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: January 9, 2011

I decided to sleep in today after a bit of tossing and turning because of knee pain following the run. I did make a new best friend yesterday and his name is Ironman Muscle Rub Gel. I had never used a product like this since my high school days when Ben Gay was the only […]

Mickey On My Mind

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: July 10, 2010

I have been riding motorcycles since 1979 and regardless of the laws, I have always worn a helmet when I ride. I started with a used Kawasaki 400 in college (that was all I could afford) but soon graduated to a used Harley Sportster soon after I was married. I kept that bike for about […]