Mile Marker

Mileage 3.3
Time 8:45 AM
Location Outdoors
Weather Overcast – Warm

I had a really nice run with my sister in law up at the lake in Elkhorn Wisconsin today. It is always nice when you can share the run with someone else and it makes the miles go by quicker when you can have a nice conversation, unless your out of breath. We had planned to go for a run yesterday but by the time we finished with our chores, it was just brutally hot and we decided to enjoy the day swimming and playing with her kids.Lake House

Today was much cooler and a bit overcast which was perfect for running. There is a nice route we run that is just over 5K (3.3 miles round trip to be exact). It has a nice mixture of hills, curves and a long straight patch from mile 1.5 to the turnaround back to mile 2.

Mary had not run for a while so we decided to take it easy, which was fine with me as I have been slowing down a bit lately. I know it has to do with my lack of mileage but I found out it also has to do with the Nike+ module being out of calibration. I purposely brought the Nike+ and my Garmin 305 watch to see how far off the Nike module was.

Turns out at the end of the run, the Garmin said we ran 3.3 miles while the Nike module said we only did 3.18 miles. The Garmin clocked an average of 9.48 minutes per mile while the Nike put us in at over 9.55 minutes per mile. It’s not that big a deal but it looks like I am going to have to go to the track at the high school and recalibrate the foot pod to the receiver.