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Disney Marathon Weekend 2011 Day 6

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: January 12, 2011

Today is the saddest day of all and a very hard day for me. I find it difficult to be in Disney World and not go into the parks even if we just go in to people watch and take in the atmosphere. Matt and I decided not to burn a full days pass since […]

Olympic Swag and St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: March 17, 2010

I decided to take a walk tonight after the client site visit, to see if I could pick up some Olympic swag. The concierge at the hotel directed me The Bay department store which was the ‘official’ supplier of the gear for the Olympics. The Bay is located on the Grasnville street mall only 5 […]

More Stick Welding

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: February 13, 2010

I continued with my stick welding in class today and was able to complete two of the three assigned tasks. I was able to complete a steady bead of 3016 stick on a 3/4 inch 4×4 steel plate 8 times in a row. I was also able to completely cover a 4×4 plate with overlapping […]

A Quick Five Miler

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: February 12, 2010

I had a long day today with a few deadlines to meet. One customer was going live with a new system we installed and I was on call remotely (they are in Calgary, AB), while another customer needed some changes to an existing system for a new group that is coming online for them. The […]

3 Days Up North

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: January 20, 2010

I’m sitting in the Calgary airport after a 2 internal day company meeting and 1 day client visit, trying to get back to my postings. I know it is not realistic to post every day, but I miss the outlet even after a few days of not writing (I loosely call it that, I know). […]