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Buying New Running Shoes

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: March 1, 2011

It is just about time for me to purchase some new running shoes, not according to the ‘Manufacturers Suggested Mileage’ but according to my wear patterns. I have a tendency to wear them out on the inside before I wear them out on the outside, or at least it feels that way. I try to […]

Mile Marker

Posted by: b1naryb1k3r on: March 14, 2010

Mileage 5 Time 6PM Location Indoors – Treadmill Weather Cold Felt really great tonight during my 5 miler. There was a Star Wars marathon going on TV (the first three unfortunately) so I turned off the volume and listened to an episode of Phedippidations. I have not listened to Steve for a while actually since […]